happy birthday to me (part one)

Here’s what…
I happened to steal away my brother’s laptop for a while so here I am trying to catch up on writing, with A Fine Frenzy playing in the background. Hopefully I can get my own netbook pretty soon (My brother actually gifted me a 500GB external HD for my birthday, which was all too sweet, surprising and utterly useless all at the same time. I would have wished for a new phone or something with the semblance of an actual laptop but that would be too much,too assuming and what-the-hell-you-have-a-job-you-can-get-your-own-stuff all at the same time. But still, I do appreciate the gesture, but I don’t think I’ll plug it in any of their laptops for now, I’ll wait until I get my own and then I’ll just rip all my CDs into it.) and then I will be able to write more, like what I’ve always wanted to do for the fucking longest time.
Oddly enough I wasn’t able to write anything with any sense on my birthday, either I was just too lazy or just plain busy with all the events going through my mind, nothing really happened that day that directly related to me at all, I think, but I still had a lot of things on my mind, I thought. Yes, I was just plain lazy.
I don’t know if I really wanted to write them all down, what I did for my birthday, actually it was more like several days of celebration, sorry, commemoration of my birth. Not much celebrating with anyone else, but more of contemplating on old age and maturity partly with some friends, and the mostly by myself and my futile attempts in becoming an alcoholic. (I don’t think this would really be something that I can learn, even over time. I read somewhere not credible that some people might have a predisposition towards some addictions and not to other kinds of addictions, that getting hooked into some sort of chemical or activity or chemically induced activity might be dictated by a person’s genes. I have yet to disprove this anyway incredible claim by trying to learn alcoholism. Why? Because I think it’s more interesting that way. But why, you insist? Just because. Shut up and let’s drink to that.)
Anyway, I am feeling a bit weird today so I don’t think I can elaborate that much on what actually happened or how I exactly spent my birthday days. Here’s something new: I think I’ll just do bullet points. (Just changed the CD, I’m now playing The Gossip in the background. this music makes me want to get a drag.) Here are the official highlights:
  • My high school friends came over to my house at around 9:oo pm Saturday night. They brought food: roast beef with gravy, chicken with some ham and cheese in it, pork royale with honey dip, loads of pasta, and Mama Del’s chocolate heaven in a cake. (It’s not really called as such, but it is the best chocolate cake I’ve had so far, bar none.) And for entertainment: two bottles of orange flavored vodka and a bottle of silver tequila.
  • Sometime in the middle of that dinner, Ruth asked me what I wished for my birthday.
  • They also brought a couple of guitars and old song hits. Aldrin and Anj played and the rest of us sang the night away singing old songs and bringing back high school and all the personalities that came with it.
  • Elaine pointed out that we were growing old. We were. We are already old. We pointed out Elaine’s philosophy of hate. She hates everyone, in extremely varied degrees. (Just kidding. But since you’re our friend, Elaine, we’ll support your hate, nay, we’ll fuel it.)
  • Lovelives were discussed. None of mine. None of the white elephant in the room as well. It was my birthday afterall.
  • They left around 3:00 am, slightly buzzed, ever so slightly. That was normal. I had to run to another gathering in Makati anyway, old Matrix teammates reuniting.
  • Somewhere in the middle of texting Shye that I was on my way and actually getting ready to leave, I hesitated. Surely some ghost from the past would be summoned.
  • I got to Amorsolo Mansions at around 4:00 am. Surprise! They were also chugging on orange flavored vodka mixed with orange soda. Shye gave me a tight hug, it has been about four years. Thessa wasn’t there on some odd excuse.
  • My love life, lack thereof, or the tragedy that was , was discussed slightly throughly with purpose intent; Mike was about to get married next year. Ryai was still his same funny and quirky self. Shye acted drunk for the next four hours or so.
  • We grabbed breakfast at the nearest McDonalds, that was around 5:00 am or 6:00 am i think, I didn’t keep track of the time anymore. I got to share stories about my family to Shye. She brokedown for a moment when I told her about my mom. What can I do? That’s just the way it is.
  • More talk about work, the office and how the company they used to work for, and I still am working for, I think, has changed a lot since we were on the same team more than four years ago. Again, I feel older already, my birthday wasn’t really till two days later.
  • After “washing” the alcohol with a couple more bottled of Red Horse (My treat, I got talked into it by the still-pretending-to-be-drunk Shye, although after the third round, I basically just slept through it.), we parted ways and headed home. I got to take home that Sunday’s newspaper and a couple of charcoal-tinted Coca-cola glasses from McDo. The paper was a big deal, I don’t get to read the paper anymore. And besides, we need the papers to pick up our neighbor’s cat poop off out front porch and forcefully project it onto their lazy-ass faces.
  • God, this is awfully long, isn’t it? I think I better split this right here.

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