Today is Friday the 13th.
You know when you get to rub your eyes for some time for whatever reason at all? And then when you finish rubbing your eyes you get to see like small comets swimming around the sides of your eyes. They’re not really there, these little comets, but you can see them on top of everything else. You blink for a couple of seconds and you seem okay, but still wonder: where did all those little swimming comets go?
I’m trying to remember things that have happened to me for the past few days. I don’t really know where i got this quote but in times like these, when I tend to forget things that I felt I should have written down: “We write about things not so we can remember them, we write about them so that we won’t forget. Remembering comes easy for things that are past, but forgetting is easier for those things that really matter.” Or something like that.
I think I must have made that up. It doesn’t really make that much sense afterall.

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