I really need to take care of myself better.
I need to put on some weight. I don’t really know what I’ve been doing wrong, but for some reason I am slowly wasting away, I think. At least I think I look like I’m wasting away, even my trainer mentioned it a couple of times already (though on some of those instances, I think he’s
really just making conversation or some comment on my performance just to get me to get another plan from him later on). The odd thing is, my weight only hovers between 63 to 64 kgs, every time I check. I never weighed a lot less or grown really big at any point in my life, as far as I can remember.
* * *
I was finally able to get back to the gym again today before my shift, after two days of feasting at my parent’s place for the Halloween weekend, and then another two days of being stuck in bed sleeping after work for more than 10 hours just because it felt easier to do than anything else. I must say I always feel a lot better knowing that I was able to do something else other than just sleep. I was quite surprised though that when I weighed myself in the gym today, I found out that I am now hovering between 62-63 kgs. Might not be alarming for some, but I guess I just want to make a big deal out of things just because I can and just because it’s something I consider a big deal.
* * *
I’ve been attempting to write something meaningful for the past three days, but I seem to be distracted a lot by work. I’ve been trying to write something meaningful my whole life, but I seem to get distracted a lot by my own life. I just got in from lunch. We’re just waiting for
calls right now so I have basically nothing to do. I was able to discover something good earlier today, Tweetitow. It allows me to post my tweets from my phone just by sending an SMS message to some gateway. It works great right now, save for a few minutes earlier when I woke up just before getting to work when I wasn’t able to send anything out. I guess that’s my problem with my all-too-simple phone that cannot send anything out unless I got my signal bar full. In turn, I had to restart my phone to be able to send out my text message and it worked okay. I haven’t seen if it really did post to my Twitter account though, I won’t be able to check until later this morning during my FarmVille harvest time. I sure hope it did not send it several times on my Twitter. Now that I have my tweets flow through my Facebook account, those on Facebook might think I’ve gone nuts. I am but I wouldn’t really allow it to show, at least nowhere online for the whole world to see. Hmm… I’m thinking if I can get away with checking my Twitter here at work… I know I can, the question is if I can get away with it. I’m thinking a little peek wouldn’t really hurt, but I wouldn’t risk it. Not right now. I could get caught with a lot things worse here at work, but not Twitter. Not right now. Maybe later.
* * *
Word of the Day: Self-effacing.: adj. tending to make oneself, one’s actions, etc., inconspicuous, esp because of humility or timidity; modest. Examples: I’ve been telling everyone I know that my new goal in life is to ultimately become a self-effacing human being. I am self-effacing that way.


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