work, work, work

Just finished my lunch. First break and lunch. The last call would be the longest I’ve had yet, three weeks in. Justified, since the customer had a laundry list of issues that she had to resolve on her application. Understandable, since the end of the month was looming and I guess she’ll have to fix the current errors in reporting before actually moving on with the next month of accounting. Moreover, the errors could also affect her books for the end of the year. So that’s that. My lunch is over and hopefully things get back to how normal Thursdays should be.

My brother and his family left for the province early dawn today, they were taking the land route to Aklan, where my father and sister-in-law were from. I guess this would be my brother’s first time actually driving there through the land route; he brought my sister-in-law’s brother’s new second-hand van. He said they were going to use it for some business my sister-in-law’s brother was getting into, I don’t really know. One thing for sure, my brother enjoys working on cars a lot when he’s here and I’m sure he had a blast fixing up that second-hand van for the long trip to the province.

I actually just finished my first coaching session with my team leader. It was so-so, nothing great, nothing fancy, pretty straight-forward really. I don’t remember my first coaching session with my first team lead back at the other program anymore, but I don’t think it would be fair to my current team lead to look for that something special, I don’t know, from that very first coaching session with him. I guess he’s still hesitant in terms of what questions to ask and how to relate to us since we’ve just known each other for less than three weeks.

It was good to hear though that I have been doing quite well on my job right now. I think that’s one of the reasons why he chose to coach me last within the team, because he was confident that I didn’t need that much guidance since i was already doing okay by my stats alone. I feel glad that once in a while we’re actually recognized for what we’re worth to the program, and it feels even better to think that you’re doing something right for a change.

I remember one coaching session that I had with one of my trainees before, back when I attempted training a new wave of licensure examinees only to find out that their class was going to be cancelled altogether barely two weeks in. A year or so later, I would have recognized that was a sign that the client was eventually pulling out, but that’s beside the point, and I know I digress.

Well, going back, I told my trainee that you can’t really go wrong as long as you do three things: do you job the way you’re told to do it; cover your ass; and just milk it for whatever its worth. Whoever said that work was supposed to be fun or not fun is missing the point. We’re not here to judge if work is fun or not, not to find out if it fulfills us or makes us hate the concept of working altogether. We don’t work because we want to find out our purpose in life, that, we live for, not work for. Work is just what it is, work. Now people may say that treating work just as it is would be one way of later resenting going to work at all, but no one said that just doing your job properly and doing your job right isn’t a way of later falling in love with your work.


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