there’s no point.

This marks our second week on the floor. We’re doing “encouraged overtime” for some reason. For the program I guess, to get our efficiency stats up. Well, this beats doing nothing really, which is more or less the same thing more than a third of the time. The queue’s kinda lean at this time of the day, probably will have to wait another 15 to 20 minutes to get another call now.

At least this would give me some time to try out writing everyday again. Of course I’m just getting ahead of myself again, everytime I say that I’m going to try to write at least once everyday, I end up just disappointing myself and my two readers. So I’ll take that back. At least I’m able to… think?

Let me just pick my nose for a moment, and ponder on what I really want to say on this post…


Okay, my nose is fine now.

I was walking home from the gym yesterday and throught to myself, for no apparent reason, at least for no reason that might be apparent to me right now as I am writing this, not everyone really gets a good chance. A good chance at anything. A good chance at everything. Sometime not even any chance at all. Not everyone gets their chance in their lifetime.

I was looking at all the people who were walking on the street and I thought about it all the way home. Not everyone is created equal. Not everyone gets the right opportunities for their own growth or development.

Take for example, someone who’s blind or disabled. No matter what other people or advocates for the disabled say, there’s no way that a disabled person would get exactly the same chances as an able bodied man or woman. There’s always going to be something that the disabled person would not be able to do or at least be given the chance to do, apart from what they already can’t because of their disability. And I’m just talking about something that’s pretty obvious.

But let’s say we look at two people who are both able-bodied. To put it loosely, one has a more pleasing “personality” than the other, looks slightly better than the other. And then let’s throw in as a given that both people have the same IQ levels, went to the same school, same everything, intellectually speaking. When it comes to, let’s say, getting a job, who would get hired?


Sorry, I just had a call. My last one for the day. Now that I’m re-reading this, I don’t think there’s any point to it anymore, so I’ll just stop. And besides, I need to eat and get back to the gym.


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