Well, wala na naman akong magawa. Wala na rin siguro akong masabi.
If you’re one of the handful of people who actually read this, I know you must be pretty bored so far. I’ve only been back to blogging (at least in real-time) for the past coupld of days but no good output so far. Parang puro kung anu-ano na lang ang pinagsusulat ko dito about random things in my life that I don’t think you, my handful of readers, really even actually care about. Pustahan tayo, you’d never even bother to ask me anything about what I write here anyway if in case we do meet in person.
Well, my life is really pretty boring, what can I say.
My shift starts at around 12am. I wake up every night at around 10pm. Watch a little TV, get some coffee, or tea, or milk (or beer, whatever is free in the fridge. Haven’t been doing groceries in ages, lagi na lang ako kumakain sa labas. Parang boarder na lang talaga ako sa amin, sorry naman, Ate Jen) and then try to get my shit ready for work. Madalas dress-up sa office, but once in a while we do get a way with jeans, as if anyone really is paying attention anyway.
I leave the house around 11:30 pm, and walk to the office. Yes, walk. Takes me about 8 minutes walking from the house to the office, that is, kung hindi umuulan. Kung umuulan, sosyalan, kasi nagta-tricycle na lang ako. Anyway, all the walking makes me sweat, and for a not-fat guy, i sweat a lot. A lot like a fat guy, but I wouldn’t really know. (I am seriously trying to get bigger, I eat way too much and way too often. Pero matapos ang lahat, I just swing between 63 to 64 kg, including water weight. Effort.)
I get to the office at around 11:40 pm, sometimes I cut it way too close at around 11:57 or 11:58, yun e kung medyo na-late ako ng gising at medyo tinatamad din pumasok. Yun ang isang problema kung malapit ka masyado sa office, at alam ng lahat na malapit ka masyado sa office. My conscience, or what’s left of it, couldn’t bear playing hooky. And if ever I’m going to be late, I would have no actual valid excuse, considering the only reason why I’d be late, if ever, would be that I simply forgot that I was supposed to go to work or overslept (both I might end up doing one of these days) OR, I got run over by a bike or a tricycle or some other minor vehicle. Alangan namang ma-traffic pa ako ngayun sa nilalakad ko lang. So much for any excuse.
Work starts at 12:00 am so that’s that, whatever we have planned for the day. Aside from the one hour lunch, we get a lot of extended breaks. Minsan hindi na lang talaga namin alam kung anung gagawin sa sobrang oras. well, there’s sleeping… Minsan, umuuwi ako tuwing lunch, kahit na wala rin naman talagang pagkain na makakain sa bahay (pa, kasi nga hindi pa ako nakakapag-grocery. Siguro kung medyo normal na ang schedule namin at wala na kami sa training, it would make a lot more sense to go home and eat. It will definitely save me a lot.), mas madalas, napapakain pa rin ako sa Jermth. (Yes, it sounds weird, but that’s really the name of the place. They actually have a booming business, being located at the corner street and operating 24/7, they only have Mini Stop as their closest competitor. Also they have a computer store branch across the corner by the same name. I know, go figure.) Ang kagandahan lang nun, kapag umuuwi ako for lunch, I can still freshen up and then watch a little TV. I actually caught a part of the second episode of Glee the other night last week, which was fun. But after all that, i’d still end up walking back to work, take a tricycle if I’m too lazy, and then again, sweat like a fat guy when I get to the office.
Then after everything, I go home at around 9:00 am. walking, I’m normally at the street corner by 9:15 am, walking leisurely, that is. No cabs or buses or trains to catch, and most perfectly, no traffic. well, save for the commuters along EDSA waiting for their own ride and those walking towards the bus stop. Minsan akala mo mga walang trabaho kung maglakad, o parang walang ibang gagamit ng sidewalk kung tumambay. Masama pa, mga hindi marunong pumara ng sasakyan sa tamang sakayan.
I go to the gym every other day, as much as I can, about three times a week. Minsan right after shift, mga 10:30 am or 11:00 am. Going to the gym right after the shift just makes me tired enought to get roughly about 7 to 6 hours of sleep when I get home, which I think is more than enough, at least more than what I was normally used to. Okay na rin, kasi nakakapag-adjust na ako, may ilang linggo na rin naman akong nasa ganitong schedule. On the other hand, going to the gym at night just gives me enough energy to stay up for the better half of the shift, until of course my body crahses in on itself; then I’d have to rely on either sugar, nicotine, or caffeine to keep myself awake for the rest of the shift.
Our day to day is about to end in about an hour or so. Pagkatapos nito, I’ll have to go home, do a quick change and then head off to my parent’s house for the weekend. No weekend parties or adventures for me this week. Might as well be every week, what can I say, my parents need me. Siguro mabuti na rin itong wala ako masyadong lakad muna, bukod sa matipid, I can focus on a lot of other things I’ve always wanted to do but never really got the time to do. Not like I always have a full schedule, as I have related. But sometimes a little peace and quiet is much better. A lot better, I hope.
Training will be over in about a week. I’ll eventually have to kiss my Facebook account goodbye for another month, same with my sad, sad blog. I’ll always have Twitter though, pero hindi na rin ganoon ka-dalas. Well, I really have nothing to share, nothing that interesting anyway.
Like what I said, my life is pretty much boring. Imagine, it took me three days to write just this one post about a typical day in my life. That says a lot.


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