happy birthday, ruth!

It’s so cold. Doing training right now. Trying my best to stay awake in the middle of completing 4-hours of web-based training on QuickBooks. This is pure happiness, yes.
I am finally done with the web-based training module for today. Still is cold here in the training room, but at least I get until the end of the day to pretty much do what I want since I finished quite early.
I’d want to write about what happened yesterday. But I don’t think it would really be nice or appropriate for me to do so. They are still my friends, and we were all in various degree of intoxication, one way or another, it would have been a given. Emotions would be elevated, actions uncontrolled and unsupervised, and words would be blurted without prior thought to meaning and logic. Still, this will just be another story…
So it was Ruth’s birthday last Sunday. They decided to celebrate the event by getting a room at Citadel Inn in Makati along P. Burgos and sing the night away.
I was late, as usual. My Sundays are usually spent over at my parents’s place so I had to leave around 8pm from there, take a 2-hour ride back into the city and then take a cab to the hotel. I got there at about 11pm already. They can’t complain anyway, I brought the lemons for the tequila.
It was our kind of fun, should I say. Just sitting around with food and booze, singing videoke. I was handing out the tequila shots. (They were drinking hawaiian punch when I got there, well, they were actually barely drinking it, though it w as good.) Not that my peeps are heavy drinkers, quite contrary, I don’t think any of us started really drinking socially until after high school, which is, yes, a bit late by most people’s standards. (That’s why I had to start the
tequila shot rounds and kept handing them the stuff or else no one would have touched it and I would have ended up drinking half of it myself. When we got to the fourth round of the shots, for some reason they were already a bit buzzed. But that wouldn’t have stopped me from
drinking myself, now would it?) By the time I got there, they were doing OPM hits from whatever decade they could remember, most of the boy band set was already sung.
The highlight of the night has got to be the cake. That had to be one of the best homemade cakes I’ve ever had in a while, bar none. Honestly, I was scared of having my jaws lock because of the sheer amount of sweetness and chocolate involved, but it was definitely something to die for. I was just a plain chocolate cake with white frosting, but the cake itself was made of brownie mix or something so it was very dense and moist. Add to that the chocolate frosting in the middle of the cake, definitely sinful. Anj’s mother made the cake, and since she really started out as a pastry chef before launching her own catering business, the cake was amazing, I couldn’t imagine anything else to describe it. I would want a cake like this for my brithday. (Fishing…)
I was pretty much the bartender, handing out the shots and refilling the pitcher for the mixers. After we ran out of the punch, I mixed up some lemon lime gin with some soda and the juice of a lemon. Not bad, I must say, but I ended up just finishing it myself eventually since they all were a bit sleepy already. Like I was saying, they’re not really drinkers, sometimes I even wonder why they bother organizing drinking parties in the first place. I ended up drinking with another
friend while most of them cooped up in the bedroom reading tarot cards. A few more rounds of songs and then we were done.
Why do I always end up taking care of my drunken friends? I don’t know either. I guess the only relief I could get from that is that I know someday, karma will smile on me and I’ll have someone take care of me too should I choose to drink myself silly again anytime soon.
Fast forward to the morrning: Leftover grilled liempo for breakfast, and another slice of the amazing cake. That was nice. Got a gimpse of the Emmy awards show, not that I can remember the winners anyway. But overall, it was nice. I diidn’t end up getting wasted, just a bit of a
buzz, though.
It was fun to see them friends again after such a long time. Maica was there, finally, but since she kinda quit drinking about two years ago, she said, I guess it’ll be more of me out drinking most of them, until Rudy gets back from Dubai soon. But again, being able to talk to her was something that I really missed.
[Does sound like I did some heavy editing. Well, the fact that I am writing this a day after is alreaddy a given. There are just some things that aren’t worth mentioning anymore, either it’s too private to let loose on a blog or just too stupid to be even worth mentioning. And let’s just say that whatever happens in Burgos, stays in Burgos… especially if you’re too wasted to even remember it.]


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