before I turn 26

Let’s try this. I think i’ll probably be able to get away with this for the next week or two so I might as well grab the opportunity while it lasts.
I would probably be able to post something to my blog while I’m here at training, so might as well make up for lost time. If you have been waiting for me to post something for the longest time, sorry, but I think I’ll be able to post last couple of month’s entries at a later date. And piecemeal at that. (The situation is that I won’t be able to get a new computer/netbook until the 13th month pay comes along in November. Yes, I am able to save a lot by just walking to work instead of taking the usual cab, but all the money I have saved so far I’m alloting to debt servicing and parent servicing.) Come to think of it, if you have been waiting for me to post something to my blog and is really actually anxious/excited to read it, you are not real and you are just a figment of my imagination. Come on, no one really reads the shit.
So what do we want to write about today?
I know it’s along way off, about a couple of months but I’m thinking of what to do for my 26th birthday. I haven’t had a real party in such a long time so i’m thinking of throwing one this year. Hmm… now that I;m thinking about it, having a party sound lie a little off from my character.
Let’s put it this way instead, since I’m pretty pressed for time, I think I’ll just think of what else I can do before I turn 26. I think I tried to do that last year before I turned twenty-five (something like my 25 at 25 kind of list) but somehow I lost that piece of paper in all the rubbish I’ve been keeping at home.
Check that: I have to overhaul my room, seriously clean my room, before I turn 26. I have a lot of stuff I would easily need to get rid off, and it’s not just my stuff that’s clogging the house, also my brothers’ stuff, things they have left behind since they pseudo-moved out/away. (I say pseudo- since they didn’t really move out, technically they still live there but they don’t really live there for the greater part of their woriking lives anyway. Technically, since I almost pay for everything related to the house, I would own it. Hehe.) And then of course there are those remnants of past lives still lingering in the house too. My father and mother’s past lives, my past life, my brothers’ past lives, etc. I think since we’re kinda already almost going our separate ways as a family, all of us, it’s high time we dispose of those things already. it’s time to finally grow past the old things and start over. That doesn’t sound too comforting, given our family’s natural affinity to attach to objects and things. But heck, what the heck.
I’m also thinking of quitting one other thing: smoking. I know I can’t do it that easily, though. As far as i can remember, the longest that i’ve ever gone without a cigarette would have been around 23 hours. Almost a day. Almost. I have tried to reduce the number of sticks I consume before, so as far as attempts are concerned, I know I have tried to do it before. Realistically speaking, I don’t think I’d be able to quit smoking for longer than a week. Or now that I’m seriously thinking about it, half a week or three days. I don’t think I’d be able to stop smking for longer than three straight days. While some smokers would say that they consciously choose not to quit because they know they can easily kick the habit anyitme, I dare say, I am over that. I know I’m an addict, like hello. I’m hooked to the stuff. But I think if I can at least try to stay clean for at least three days, not forcibly because I can’t smoke or don’t have access to it, but simply because I think I can, then that would be a compliment to my personality. I think. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can… God, this is going to be hard…
I want to say that I also want to be debt-free before I turn 26, but that would be close to impossible, I guess. Even if I spend most of my pay debt-servicing for the next month or so, since my birthday would fall right before payday, I might not be able to make it on time. A more realistic goal would be to reduce my debt by, say, 70% before I turn 26. I said, I can try to go all the way but I need some cushion in terms of last-minute eventualities.
I would apologize if this again, sounds, disjointed. I would have already done so in a previous post, but you would not have read that. Not yet.
I’m tired, i need to get some sleep soon. Got about an hour to go…


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