ang baho naman…

This is going to about another long trip. About an hour or so. Or make that two. Hopefully not. I just want to get the commute over with (why in hell hasn’t anyone invented a teleportation machine yet?!? I like going places but the traffic and the time wasted going around the metro is just… Eech.), so let’s kill time. Later, I’ll be with my mom and dad.
I don’t remember who told me this anymore, it’s been way too long since I really talked to anyone who made sense, except myself/this super-long-archive-blog-type-shit. I think it’s about sharing stories, details about your life to, let’s say, at the very least, your friends. I think the conversation pretty much, I think, went like:
So, kamusta naman?
Anong kamusta?
Ikaw? Kamusta ka? Ano nang nangyayari sa buhay mo?
Wala ganun pa rin. Same shit. You know.
Kuwento ka naman.
Wala namang nangyayari sa buhay ko.
Or something like that. (If anyone reading this kinda remembers how the conversation really went, I’d gladly have you comment in this post. Please. Okay, I’m fishing, so… But still.) I’m not a person who likes sharing mundane details of my life, at least not verbally, to anyone. (Okay, if you read my twitter, I was kinda doing that for the first couple of months, but I have long since stopped. I think. Lemme just tweet that.) I think a lot of time is wasted by people telling stories. Stories about their lives that don’t really matter, at least to the person who’s listening.
Why do people tell stories anyway? And why do other people choose to listen? I think that’s a bigger question. Why do you want to listen to things that the have no use for or stories about people who they don’ even care that much about? (Hmm… Moment. I’m thinking way too fast now than when I started writing this, I’m afraid I’ll even get to a point anymore. Okay. Point. Okay, no point. If you’ve talked to me about this or know me that well, you’d get the drift.)
Let me take a moment to sort this out. (THIS IS ME NOW. Extremely incoherent, severely disjointed. I guess I’m really just sleepy. And my back hurts.)
[Ugh… Ang baho naman…]


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