i better get moving

I am restless. I woke up at around 3am and then had a very late dinner. Stayed up and watched a lot of TV and now am back in bed, cozying up in my tiger-print blankie. Yes, hello Sunday morning.
I was thinking of hitting the gym early on, but that would just take up too much time just walking. At any rate, I really should be on my way to my parents’ place right now. But I’m too lazy to get going. And besides, I still have to wait for the boundaries to come in and pick it up before I go there. I’d give it about an hour, so here I am, writing. Sort of.
I should be doing this a lot more often. I really should be writing a lot more often. There’s just too many things on my mind now that I can’t keep up with all my own thoughts. Sometimes it’s just a rush of ideas and words and comments about anything and everything that just comes over me and I get washed up pretty easily, I think. And then later when I finally have time to myself and try to bring all these thoughts and things into words and write them down, I get too tired. I know I better get to putting things down right away so I don’t loose them.
I was thinking of writing some sort of novel or a screenplay of sorts. Maybe a mini-series or something like that. I was drafting, I meant brainstorming a cloud of ideas a couple of months ago, but I never really got into it, developing it into something that might work. Scrolling through my old notebooks and scratch papers, I find some things that I thought of before that I kinda left unfinished. How great it would have been if I only got the guts to finish those things back then.
Okay, that was my dad, who just called. I guess, he’d been waiting for me since yesterday. I better get moving.


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