nine nine nine

It just dawned on me what a peculiar date today is: 09/09/09. Parang dapat may mangyaring kakaiba ngayon o may mangyayaring kakaiba. Hindi ko alam, baka nag-iilusyon lang ako.
Another blast from the past: Eventually I might have already put this in here, one way or another but I’m not sure anymore. Since I got myself cutoff from my blog for the longest time, I don’t know what’s out there anymore and what I haven’t put out there yet. I say it a lot that I might as well be spreading myself too thin online than some, but I know there are a lot more people who do a better job at it, spreading themselves too thin. Hindi naman siguro totoo yun para sa akin kasi wala rin naman talaga masyadong nagbabasa nito bukod dun sa mga tang interesado talaga sa mga tumatakbo sa isip ko, at hindi naman talaga mangyayari yun hanggat hindi mo pa ako nakikilala ng personal. So, by my last count, that would actually be just a handful of people.
This comes undated, from some notebook I had way back. Just random, I’d assume, just like me.

People put too much premium on what they see with their eyes other than what they can feel. The eyes lie but fire still feels warm to the blind man.

Sometimes you can’t help but close your eyes; then you fall asleep. When you wake up, you realize that the dream was not a dream at all, it was just the insides of your eyelids blurring your perception.


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