Blast from the Past: I must have written this one way back in college. I was at one time trying to collect all the pieces of paper that I had written something on all those times I have been idle in college and put them into one record book. Epic fail. Too much paper, too lazy to handwrite things. I was able to do a few but most are still lost somewhere in my room. I need to clean up. Everything. Eventually.

Indifference should be considered a talent. Not everyone can be totally indifferent except for maybe a handful who are either born that way or can skillfully feign indifference like a second skin. Some people couldn’t care less but the fact is they still do. But only an elite few don’t care at all. Should indifference be a social crime? Should severely indifferent people be punished? Should they be quarantined like some sort of virus or plague? Should they be loathed for being socially deficient? Or should they be pitied as social invalids incapable of coping with man and society? Or better still, should they be called geniuses or mages, for their sheer indifference shields them from the pain and frustration of futile human interaction?


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