syempre… zzz…

I don’t think I should really get used to writing stuff just before I go to sleep. Mas mahirap kasi mag-isip kung alam mong pagod ka na, medyo pilit na ang lumalabas sa iyo. In as much as gusto kong magsulat ng regular para masanay din ako, I have resorted to putting the year in on the header for my entries here on my phone kasi more or less, mukhang diary na lang ito, a lot less of some kind of blog. Well, what is a blog anyway and who’s to say na hindi ko nga naman pwedeng gawing diary ito? At any rate, 25 entries later composed on my phone, none of them has seen the light of the web yet since I am currently unable to go online, save for those tweets that I send via an SMS gateway.
Sabi nga night Chryssie sometime before, I think siya yung nagsabi kaso hindi ko na matandaan, twitter kinda ruined it for the real bloggers. Aaminin ko, karamihan ng mga bagay na gusto ko sanang isulat noon e have been reduced to 140-character posts on twitter. Now it just seems silly to write about those things anymore on any forum since the idea was already thrown out there on the web. Of course not that the things that I wanted to write about were not silly or useless or tasteless or negligible in the first place and, not that anyone is actually reading or going to or will eventually have to read these entries anyway, god I haven’t even had the time to actually post them yet; pero yun nga, ibang usapan na yun.
At siyempre, inaantok na ako…


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