day of the early

Another day of the early. It was a fairly good day today, I must say. Fairly good. That means nothing significant really happened.
Aside from finally being able to go to the gym, I feel my disease is fading. The coughing isn’t as intense, sniffles still annoying, but there’s a lot less snot to blow. Well, there’s that always lingering feeling that I got a big chunk of booger clinging for dear life on my long nose hairs, but at least I don’t blow out as much snot as before when I suddenly get to laughing while surfing the net at work. Like I said, nothing eventful, so fairly good.
I’ve been thinking a lot about when and how I could finally get back online at home. Been browsing through review after review of available netbooks that I could get. I still can’t decide. I was thinking of getting one probably round November instead, by then, I’d expect them to be bundled with the new Windows 7 OS already. But then again, the OS might be that new and still have glitches, so I might end up downloading and installing one service pack after another. Which, on second thought, might not be that hard since I would already be online by then. Hmm… I think that’s settles it. See, like I said, fairly good.
I can’t think of anything else to write about for now, seems like a fairly good time to get some sleep.


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