better best i’m sleeping

Got home really early today from work, I think I got to my house before 6am. And that was even after I already had a quick dinner at our friendly corner carinderia whose name starts with a J and oddly ends with MTH. Don’t ask.
Sat around for a couple of minutes in front of the TV flipping channels and I came across this indie film on cable about internet chatrooms and meeting people online in person (eyeballs). There was this fat girl and a cute girl who went to meet this good-looking guy they met online. I think they were caught off guard that the guy wanted to meet them both at the same time and so they chatted each other up in the restroom on what they think the guy was thinking. To cut the story short, turns out that the guy wanted to see them both because he was really into the the fat girl and the cute girl he just wanted to get for his friends so that they can “play” with a girl who was “game”. The movie was oddly shot, continuity needed attention and lighting was definitely improvised. It was some part of a series of snippets I guess. I got bored and didn’t bother watching the other parts anymore.
And after all that, turns out I only ended up wasting 10 minutes. To think around this time, I just normally am about to get home. But today was the day of the early, I suppose.
When I try to think of all the wasted time that I spend just idling around doing useless and pointless things, I imagine most of my life going to waste too. I think I’ll go and do just that: calculate the total time I’ve wasted/I waste, let’s say in a week. Now that I think of it, it seems daunting to keep track of everything. And I’m sure some of the activities that I might end up listing would sound offensive, if the guys reading this blog kinda get the drift (Is it really time wasted when you do it? Isn’t it some form of exercise, really?).
I’ll probably start that log next week and see how long I could keep track. Then factor that in the 72 weeks in a year and then add the weekends when I’m not doing anything productive or purposeful, I’m pretty sure that’s going to be a big number. It excites me to find out how much time I get to waste in a year.
Well, not right now though. Must not let my Day of the Early get to waste. Better best I’m sleeping, got to hit the gym later this afternoon.


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