If my blog was my girlfriend, we would have already broken up. Facebook will be fine, it’s just like a friend with whom I have a falling apart with, nothing really that couldn’t be fixed.
I’m sorry blog. I got no PC at home right now so I’m pretty much reduced to 140 character tweets in as much as my lazy fingers would allow. Nearly a year into my phone, I’m not really using it to its full potential yet. I’ve gotten away with the web the first two months but it sucks not to be on a plan where I can get to my emails and post to my blog right away. Plus, I really need to clean-up my card, or get a bigger capacity, and update the firmware on my phone.
Not that I’m blaming anything or anyone in particular, I’m just saying, there have been a lot of things that I’ve so wanted to write about. I still keep a list of topics that I’ve wanted to blog about since I started blogging. Unfinished drafts. Not really much of a draft going on there, just a pfft of a title. And I’ve been adding on to this list those things that have been running through my head since way back, a lot more now actually. Sometimes I just want to be able to stop and just sort out the things in my mind once and for all, unload the thoughts that I’ve been keeping, to make room for new ones, new ideas, fresh concepts and topics. I guess that’s what real writers and artists do best, unleash their thoughts either in words or on some other medium. That way their creative blood is renewed everytime and they never seem to run out of good thoughts. I think I tend to hold on to stuff a lot more that I can give myself credit for. I got that from my mom, who is, for all who’d care to know or the select few who thinks they need to know even if they know it can never really be helped, is losing her hair from all the chemicals being blasted into her body. That sounded harsh. Harsher than saying cancer, I think, but let’s call our spades as spades. I wonder if her hair will grow a lot better after she’s done with the therapy? I bet it will.
Odd enough that I’ve only started doing this now, on my third day odd stuffy nose and hard swallowing and whopping, sounds-like-I’m-about-to-cough-myself-to-death-soon cough; by and large all the snorting snot through my nasal cavities and out my spitoon had kept me busy enough. Eww, I know. Today, I haven’t really eaten anything yet, save for the drugs. And a bite-sized walnut butterscotch bar. And I’m not really hungry yet. I’ve had a lot of water, a half cup of milk (I told you it was odd, like some baking recipe. But that was all the milk that I had left, and if I wanted more, I had to go out and get some. There are people outside, duh?) and then about seven whiffs of stale refrigerator air. The whiffs count, believe me, pair a good smelling ref scent with a glass of ice cold water and you’ll surely feel full. But if you’re on the “see-food” diet (you know, see-food, eat-food), I recommend you close your eyes when you open that door lest you end up nibbling on the nearest leftover chicken. I was really craving for cake the past few days, now I think I’m craving for a large slab of steak. Or barbecue ribs, a whole rack of it. Or any gratuitous volume of red meat grilled to perfection. Aaarrghhh…
It baffles me how bad this cold I got really is. Either that or it’s just been quite sometime since I’ve had a cold that I can’t tell anymore how long it’s really going to last. I have come to underestimate the wrath of the common cold. I normally get a cold at the slightest drop of rain falling on my skin, I don’t know why but it’s true, but then I just used to sneeze it out for about 4 to 7 times at most and that was it. I never really had to take any medication for colds for the longest time until now.
This is how this post just trails off into…


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