It’s sometimes depressing how we crave for things. How we want things, things to happen, things not to happen, things to have, things to not have, and things not to have happened in the past.
As little kids, we were always asked what we wanted, it was always a puzzle for the grown-ups to figure out what we wanted when we we didn’t have the words yet to tell them. It always seemed that we knew what we wanted but never got the means of telling them big people what they were or how we wanted them.
Now that we’re grown-ups ourselves, we we still try to think about what we want, what we crave for in life. But this time, we’d have to get them on our own. We’d always want what we cannot have, not want what is already there. We go to extremes wanting things that we cannot get, wanting more that what we can handle, and then just not knowing what we really want at all.
The only thing that we’re most certain of would be those that we don’t want. And we only realize that when we already have it. Depressing.

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