your cats stink

This ruckus outside is making me as dumb as them who are making it. I want silence. I want to focus. I want to pour myself out over and then empty myself through these unread unwritten unorganized words, but all the noise muddle my thoughts.
I want to get away. I want to get somewhere where no one would bother me or cause me to think that they’re such a bother even if they’re not really trying that hard.
I was on a roll a couple of months back but I think, I’m back into the slums of my mind again. I don’t even make that much sense to myself sometimes.
I was on a soundtrip yesterday. I was desperately trying to get the groove back after going down with my gastroenteritis the other day and affording myself too much time with online distractions. I need to focus. Sure as hell, this thing ain’t.
So I was listening to some BEP songs trying to get back. I don’t really know what it is I’m trying to get back but I have decided to arbitrarily call it “groove” for now. Sounds, well, groovy. I want to dance.
I had the sudden urge to dance yesterday, in the middle of medication and lunch. Very very late lunch, I think, or was it some midday breakfast, I couldn’t remember. I’ve been losing track of day/time since, I don’t know, 285,479 minutes ago. That’s just a number I made up. I wonder if it would actually fall on some significant day in my past…
Where was I? My neighbors are all but too sorry party people. They just couldn’t afford to get to the better parties as night so they try to party mid-fucking-day instead. Please get decent jobs, so I can stop hating you right now already? Even your cats stink, but they’re cute.


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