last night

Last night was one of the wildest nights I’ve ever spent. It was a riot of awkward proportions.
I feel I’ve lost words to express what the night was about, along with I think half of my voice, with all the rage-singing/shouting with the band.
About half of the songs we played I could barely hear us sing but I guess that kinda worked to my advantage since nobody actually noticed when my voice broke at certain points in the songs, but then again I don’t think anyone really minded the singers of the band really, no matter how hard we had tried. I took time to loosen up our chords and the first set was kinda screwy, but everyone had fun getting their ears blasted into nothingness anyway, i hope. By the time we had played the last last last song, I felt I could just faint, well I wanted to but didn’t, at last it was all done. That was the last they’d hear of our precious band.
Emotions we’re on an all-time high as well as the alcohol, I couldn’t determine if one caused the other, or which was which, it all seemed to happen simultaneously. I suppose it was the alcohol, although two beers and two shots of Jäger for me didn’t do much, those who had a lot more certainly had unconsciously broken their emotional dams and let the deluge consume them.
There’s this girl and her one time plus-one. Enough to say that after a slew of non-dates which evolved into just “non” eventually, plus-one suddenly comes into view as if nothing had happened. And then he had to watch her melt into a pool of drunk, how embarassing is that? Again, I don’t know if which actually came first, it was all a blur. I wish I could have been there for her.
Then there was another who realized that she had lost her plus-one. I know you hate him for your reasons, I know you love him for your reasons too, but these reasons you keep to yourself. Tongues wag, and hell do they in this group, but there was nothing there to wag about but you and and your reasons. You promised you’d never let go, but no one held you to that promise anyway. Just let it go and move on. Age could have taught you that. And please, you’re not even drunk.
I had my own episode too, in which I had unloaded on to one trusted friend. Honestly, I never thought she’d react that way. Again, I’d say I’m sorry if I thought you were stronger than me, you always seemed like so, but I appreciate your tears knowing that I haven’t cried about it yet. Like one other friend mentioned, you had always put up your strongest suit, but when the walls break down, they sure turn to dust. I just hope she still treats me like a friend after last night. God, please don’t change.
And then last but not the least, that dreaded unexpected question. Apparently people have been thinking of asking but it takes copious amounts of alcohol to give anyone the audacity to ask, to put it in his words. And like what I had snappily replied, why not? Thanks, man. You had to let that cat out of the bag. I don’t blame you, it could have been anyone who asked it, only you’d need to get past our intimidating auras first and have enough guts to ask that to our faces. Congratulations, and yes, like you said, good riddance. The last one was a joke.
I couldn’t categorically say that I had fun last night, with everything that happened, and did not happen. It was definitely interesting to see how people react to certain situations under the influence. After four years with this program, I guess interesting isn’t really that bad. Now that I think of it, I guess fun would’ve been an odd way to end. Interesting, now that’s something.
Well, see you guys again Monday, right?

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