something, something

I used to save all your messages. I had the most fun reading all the things we talked about even if we were not face to face, even when I didn’t really hear your voice. I love reading your words and replaying them over and over in my head. I hear your voice in my mind telling me these things and I reply. You know sometimes when you watch a good movie over and over. I could quote you any second now, and maybe I should.
Your thoughts mirror mine, as if you read them out of the book of my life. I contradict you, I try, I just couldn’t believe it sometimes.
Someone has finally got me. Someone has finally understood what I meant. Someone has finally taken me in, yet again.
I keep my defenses up still and I would not let myself fall. I’ve been there one and it was a war I was hell bent on not losing, but I lost it halfway some of the battles. I had no choice but to…
Your calculated words fascinate me. And one part of me wishes they don’t, not more than they do now… But I want to hear those words as you say it, I want to see your lips move me.


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