planning things ahead

If all goes well, sana hindi ako ma-late papunta sa office. Medyo na-late ako ng gising ngayun, but the good thing is, I am at least well-rested.
I was on Facebook this morning, spent more than an hour doing games and checking other people’s profiles and status updates. Kapag nasa Facebook ka, hindi mo talaga namamalayan ang oras. Matapos ang lahat, halos 8am na nung nakatulog ako.
I know I’ve written on this before, but I got to thinking more about building a weekly routine. I’d save up a specific activity for about an hour each day, so I’ll end up doing all the things I’d like to do within the week without necessarily going overboard on any single one, and that would also leave me more time to do the things that I should be doing like errands and stuff.
On second thought, this could be really hard, well, knowing myself. It would take a lot of discipline just trying too keep off Facebook, or not playing another song on Guitar Hero. But still, I wouldn’t know till I’ve tried. I have got to plan this carefully though.


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