happy birthday elaine!

Last night was a blast. Sarap ng nom-nom! Celebrated Elaine’s 26th birthday at Mugen with a long list of cocktails and double that in bottles of Vodka Ice. Apparently, that is now my high school friends’ drink of choice. Hindi na uso ang beer. Sosyalan mode. Cocktails at alcopop. Dati si Lenay Pale Pilsen pa tinitira. Hehe. It wasn’t coming from me though, I guess they just kinda liked it when they went out sometime with their other friends. Yes, my high school friends have
grown out of their goody-two-shoe days and have grown up. And Elaine, old. Mabuhay ang alkohol.
I got there unfashionably late, about an hour and a half. Sabi ko kay Anj maaga dapat para makakuha kami ng table. Madalas ang punta namin dun e mga 11:30 pm. Call center people. So, the deal was to meet at about 8:30 pm at Metrowalk, and I woke up by then to the sound of my
phone ringing. Weng called, they were already there at Metrowalk, um, walking around. I told them I’m up and will be getting ready. Phone down, slept for another hour. Hehe.
Mamaya, text: Papunta na ako…hi!. Totoo na ito. Time: 10:40 pm.
Turns out, they actually opened the place up that night. How was I to know that they still clung to promptness like that? Sabi ko maaga, pero hindi ko naman akalain na ganun ka-aga. Ayun, kumakain pa lang yung mga waiters dun sa bar, nandun na sila. They were the very first
customers. The waiters I guess were both amused and annoyed by my friends being early. Buti na rin lang, late ako. It would have been, well, weird.
Dumating ako dun, nagsisimula na silang uminom. tapos na silang kumain kaya habol na lang ako. Sisig pizza. I don’t know of any other place that makes that, but it’s pretty decent bar chow. Vodka Ice. And that started the Vodka Ice trail. I guess, looking at the bill that night, we had about 20 bottles of that stuff in between us all. Not counting the cocktails and beer even. Out of that I must have had about seven.
Anj planned a surprise for Elaine, got a cake and talked to the band about asking Aldrin to step on stage and give a brief message for her. Around the time the band started playing, nagulat si Ade nung tinawag siya sa stage. Napilit naman. Sana sinabi niya na long long very long time girlfriend na niya si Lenay. That would have made the audience swoon and Elaine melt with humiliation. Hehe. But it was cute and nice, and that works. Pwede na rin. Kaso, friend lang? Ewan, pakasal na nga kayo…
The waiter got the cake out with a pair of small candles to let Elaine make her wish. A little song, blow, followed by about 30 minutes of cam-whoring. Got a few snaps myself. They even had to re-light the candles para lang makunan ng picture yung moment. Maganda yung mga kuha kay Anj na phone. Panget kasi camera ng phone ko kaya hindi na rin ako masyado nag-effort. At least maikukuwento ko naman. Hehe.
Nandun din nga pala si Roxanne, yung kapatid ni Nyl. Although she wasn’t drinking really, she said she’d got some sort of allergy from alcohol. I don’t know about that but that seems to be a boring life, not being able to get wasted.
So everyone eventually had fun and loosened up, the band cranked up the music and the jokes (coming from Arf, there wasn’t really that many new material to laugh about but still it was a good set). Bentang-benta naman ang Mugen sa kanilang lahat. Siguro dadalhin din nila dito yung mga iba nilang kaibigan minsan. Like Lester, who was on a date that same night with Iyet. I brought them here with the other trainees a long while back and that was a fun night too.
Overall it was a good night out, a great Saturday night spent with good booze and great company. Times like these are what I’m really thankful for. Sa uulitin!


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