running out of time

Apologies to my less than a handful of readers, I guess, even more to
my blog itself. I haven’t been online for the most part, except when
I’m in the office. If only at least I can send outside emails from
work then what much more activity this blog would have (and maybe if
I’m really lucky, actually have someone comment on my random rantings
to at least validate my less than a handful of readers) and I would
probably not even have enough time to sleep through lull moments in
the office while on avail, or at least stop scouring the web for stuff
that I would probably not buy or even have enough money to buy or for
the most part eventually have money to buy, but just not enough
rationale in me to actually buy it.
I was contemplating the other day just how much time I actually waste
in a day. According to my very modest estimates, I waste about a
quarter of the day not being productive at all.
One, there’s traffic in every direction from where I live and work.
Hell, there’s always traffic somewhere around me, that it often is a
lot stupid to actually take a ride on anything going around, for the
most part, I’m always better off walking. Living in the middle of the
city, does have it’s perks and disadvantages.
Two, there’s always going to be something to distract you. Whether it
be people, shopping (or even just window shopping), the computer and
the internet (I both heart and curse Facebook), TV (you could spend
hours in front of it and not even move an inch), or even the most
mundane games on my cellphone; there’s always something that would eat
up your time when you let it, and I admit, I do. Think of how many
hours or even minutes you could waste just watching reruns of yourgent
favorite show or waiting for someone to try out a new quiz on
Facebook. And you know it would do nil for your brain.
And third, I know most people would take issue on me taking issue on
this but it’s my issue so I know it’s significant, at least for me:
sleep. Yes, sleep. How much we want it and can’t live without it, but
how many hours have we spent sleeping, when we could be doing
something else. Oversleeping is a lot worse. Sometimes I wake up after
more than four hours and I feel guilty that I’ve just missed the day
yet again. People just sleep too much. I just sleep too much for my
own good. So I often say, I sleep when I die (or at least sleep at
work, till the next call rings in).
Think about all the wasted time. There was this time that I was late
for work for less than a minute. By what I can remember, about 25
seconds. It was just a matter of waiting for that stupid phone
application to pull up. I was late, I lost another point on my
scorecard, which reflected on to my PA bonus at work. I actually lost
about 10% of my bonus, I think (I might be a bit exaggerating but the
point is, I actually lost money) just because I was late for mere 25
seconds. Now, if only I didn’t smoke that last puff of my cigarette,
and took that second cab that came by instead of the third one, I
guess it could have made a difference.


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