another night spent

I’m a getting used to waking up at around 11pm on Saturday nights. I smell a routine here.
I wake up. Check Facebook (at least my Facebook fix is reduced to just at least once a week, a couple of hours, or until I run out of things to do on Mafia Wars). Wash face and go out to eat. It’s either Mang Inasal or Manong Pepe’s at Crossing. I’m getting used to taking walks out at night and the wee hours of the morning. Not only is there a handful of people who are out walking at
night as well, it’s a lot easier to get around since there’s no traffic to speak of and not many stores are open too. I love trying to find out what other nightcreatures like me think they can get away
with in the open street when it’s dark and they think no one else is watching. Hehe.
Activity on the street pretty much slows down around 3:30 am, when you see the early morning crowd already out. By this time, I retire back to my bed and write some other shade of shit like this. Another morning is spent. Off to sleep.


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