In between songs and cigarettes
I think of a lot more things than what I could possibly imagine
Random thoughts, you know, stuff
And still there are a lot more
You know, things, stuff,
That actually happen inside me that which
I don't really have control over
Like just how my blood flows without me wishing
I got to go some place where I can be alone
My heart beats still, ever so steady, even if I long
For it not to, not anymore for them who are no more
I take in air, smoke, and all the other particles in between
It's hard not to, but sometimes I just can't breathe because all these
particles carry part of that past
Parts of me die on their own, hair, skin
Peeling layers away from my mind, revealing things I really shouldn't
be talking about anymore but I can't control it
If my body fails, then I must be dead
If my mind fails, then that's just dumb

I couldn't even keep it straight anymore
Could it be me or just my body telling me these things?

Enough, you. Enough of you.
But I can't help myself.


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