I suppose I shouldn’t really even start this, I have somewhere I have to be, something I have to do. Much like everyone else, I suppose, someone I have to become.
I never quite understood the concept of time. There’s always not enough, it always runs out, it’s always up. Everyone wants to turn it back, bring it back, go forward, back to the future, onward to the past, make it last, make it stop.
I think it was in this book Einstein’s Dreams it talked about a place without time. Where time was supposedly everything everyone wished, imagined it to be, however many interpretations everyone has.
Don’t you wish you owned time?
What would you do if you had all the time in the world?
What would you do if you had no time at all?
If you could buy more time, how much would it cost, and how much time would you actually need or want?
If you could give the gift of time to someone, to whom would you give it?
If you could find time, what will it look like, how would it feel in your hands, what would it smell like, how would time taste like? Will it even make a sound?
Again it seems it ran out on me again, time.


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