the dawn

The dawn is winning me over as my favorite time of the day. The love affair started about a couple of weeks ago, the memory of that first day coming home from work at the crack of dawn still remains fresh. Watching the light win over darkess was inspiring and depressing at the same time, for reasons I don’t yet know why. There’s a sudden surge of energy over me, anticipating the interplay of light and shadow that unfold before me faster, it seems, that the way the world
actually turns. It excites me to go home to my sanctuary again and literally call it a day, a day that comes to greet me and takes me back home again. God, has it really been that long since I’ve last seen the dawn? Has it really been that long since I’ve been away from home? Have I failed to pay notice to you kissing my forehead every morning way back when I still moved with all other people in the light of day, that long, that I have just disregarded you as a moving force
in everyone else’s lives but mine? I have loved the night for so long now, lived with her for so long now, played with her for so long now that she’d seen me drunk not only more than once, I know, that I haven’t seen your beauty and the energy that you bring me anymore. Anymore, until now. And yes, you have began your conquest of my dark-bred heart. And since I’ve missed you for so long, what more choice do I have but to let you win? But as your passion excites me, I
force myself a tear deep inside, if that is the only way I could pay respect to the madness that wells within, with the other side of the dawn that you bring. I guess that’s part of her charm and her mystery, dawn, that as I watch the gradual change of hue from pitch black to various shades of blue, the stars try their best to cling on to the memories of the night that’s passed, their cries translated to slowly fading twinkles until the morning ultimately wins over their last hurrahs and eat up the sky completely. It’s sad that these stars have to leave, they who’ve watched me timidly make my way to work, and played across the skies for the rest of the night. I’m weary sending them off to that somewhere home in the sky, wherever those stars go to rest, I suppose, I’ll never really know, at least I’m satisfied knowing where my own head will rest in about an hour’s time. But as these stars along with the darkness that they frolicked in the night before retreat yet again as they always do at the beckon of the dawn, I know in my soul that I shall soon see them again, if not at the eve that I will later wake up into, they will be with me as I close my eyes into slumber. Rest my stars, say goodbye as I say hello, oh, to my sweet dawn.
***I was just rambling I suppose. Sarap umuwi ng maaga!

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