why we never go out anymore

we never really know who to ask out because everyone has their own
thing about everybody else that no one else seems to know about, or at
least you think everyone else is in on except for you who's actually
the one itching to go out. so you end up inviting the people whom you
seem to be okay with (so that they can politely refuse) and then you
actually end up with people hom only you are okay with but you can
never tell if they are okay with everyone else but you. you pace
through thne night trying your best to avoid topics involving everyone
present, and then focus your energies instead in discussing the common
enemy, someone who is preferrably not there or who had no control of
the situation in the first place, or is just that, an unsatisfyingly
annoying little prick/bitch (some pople are really just born that
way). as the night wears on, you realize that there are a lot more
things that you end up not talking about, just because, and then there
are some you never would realize that you really wanted to talk about
until after you've all gone home and called it a night. at that point,
several good night and i had a great time text messages later, each
one of you (just a handful, really) realize that it was indeed fun to
get past all the awkwardness of meshing people whom you know from
different places and then just focusing on the good times, good
conversation, and good booze.

you wake up the next morning feeling good about youself, gaze at your
phone and look with wonder at the eight missed calls and twenty five
where are you? messages.

you overslept, yet again. there was really no such night. shit.


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