Lazy Days

I'm guilty. Everyone would be. Once in a while there would be days when you would want nothing more than to curl up in bed and cozy up with your favorite pillow and just let the cool bed weather lull you to sleep.
Honestly, I have been skipping gym a lot these days, compared to my everyday routine. Apart from the fact that I've been sort of a sexual predator magnet for the most part (don't ask), I have been enjoying my own share of lazy days lately since the week I was on leave and got sick. Got music to keep me company, no clever conversations or witty antics to put up with, just me and Marvin Gaye on these slightly rainy afternoons.
I got to admit, I have been working myself off both in and out of the office the past month and I do need a slowed down pace once in a while. At least I got more time to write and finally learn to collect my thoughts. This is still a work in progress; I haven't actually written anything substantially equal to the way I was writing before but these lazy days allow me to do just that, if not in snippets or sort of.
This is definitely work I don't mind working my mind out for.


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