Out of Office

I'm on leave today, thinking of what to do. For the most part, I'm not off to the gym this morning like my normal routine. About a month or two ago, I've been going to the gym almost everyday and now for the month of December, I've only been going every other day or so, which makes me feel a wee bit guilty to tell the truth. Hehe.
Now for plans for today: absolutely nothing. I mean I could get a massage, it's been a long time since I got one. It has long been argued that I'm a ticklish person in general but nothing beats like hands kneading your hardened tendons and ligaments to a relaxing pulp.
I could also take a shot at doing my Christmas shopping, preferably alone.
I kinda miss doing stuff alone. I guess subconsciously, I've always tried to get midweek leaves since Fishy's coding on Wednesdays. It's been a really long time since I've gone out on my own. Before, I was used to watching movies or dining out on my own. Now, its either Fishy or I have been a bit too available to each other, at least too much for my comfort. (But that's going to be a whole other post altogether.)
I could try to create something at home, artsy-fartsy stuff, or try sketching again. Or designing t-shirt logos like before. Downside is, I've been on the PC on 8-hour shifts already. Do I really want to spend my personal leave in front of the PC again?
Going back to shopping, last year I remember I did a mall-tour shopping for gifts. I went from SM North, to Trinoma, to Gateway, to Farmers, to SM Cubao, to Ali Mall, to Robinsons Galleria, to SM Megamall, to Shangrila Plaza, to EDSA Central, to Glorietta, to SM Makati, to Landmark, to Greenbelt, and finally to SM Mall of Asia all in one day. That was amazingly tiring but spectacularly fun. I could do that today, but I don't think I have enough time. I'll probably schedule that next week.
I'm home and I'm sleepy. I'll probably get some shut-eye first before anything else. We'll see what the day looks like when I wake up.
If I wake up with daylight still, that is. Otherwise, another exciting day out of office it's going to be: in my dreams.


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