63 Steps per Minute

December 4, 2008
12:09 pm
Fitness First Megamall

The sick thing is, I’m doing this on a stair climber, going at a speed
of 63 steps per minute, while attempting to type on the tiniest qwerty
keyboard of me new phone. And now what to write about…
It’s Bisaya’s birthday today, she turned 28, two years shy from the
big 30. I got to thinking, she’s three years older than me, but I
think I act way more mature than her. Is it natural for people’s
demeanor to regress towards quarter life? Most of the people I know at
the office are a few years older than me but it sometimes pains me to
see them act childish. Ok childlike, for someone who’s at the age of
just waiting for a marriage proposal. Not even having a kid I guess
could prevent or halt the regression, it even becomes more pronounced
during pregnancy. It’s weird in a way, but I feel the need to always
tell people in the office to just grow up. using that perspective, you
might say that growing old is a totally different thing from growing

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