No Makeup Whatsoever

Watched the movie Twilight the other day. It was severely overhyped I
guess, mostly because it appealed to generally young teenage females.
It was like watching a screwed-up version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
sans the Buffy. I do think it was a more plausible version of a
teenage vampire story, somewhat taking the reins from the Anne Rice
series of books, and reworking it to suit a younger audience.
Edward was the teenage Lestat, in as little as I can remember about
Interview with A Vampire (clearly, I am talking nonsense when I say
that, I don’t even know what I am talking about anymore). He’s
generally a charismatic and at the same time enigmatic figure, like
what was said in the few reviews I have read about the movie, he was
someone that was clearly attractive but very much unattainable. Girls
seem to like that a lot. I don’t get it/him.
Bella, his personal brand of heroin, on the other hand, was a pain to
watch. I say that because she does look like in pain most of the time
(okay, just half. The other half, Alex says she looks like she’s
having an orgasm). It’s like everything she does makes her hurt, in
her manner of speaking, her gestures, her posture, and her general
demeanor towards her new friends at school. I haven’t read the book, I
think I won’t, but it would be interesting to know just how exactly
the writer defines her pain. And the actress playing her was, in her
frail and waif-like performance gives the character it’s own brand of
charisma. I guess it’s a given, but I know most guys would disagree. I
dig Bella.
I really did not intend to watch it at first, but from what I’ve read
online, they are already prepping the second installment in the
series. I will watch it.


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