Hello, world! This is my new phone.
Sobrang excited ako to finally get my Nokia E71, at least now I can write more things that are on my mind on the go. I just got to figure out configuring this thing to my gmail account and basically I should be all set.
As expected, the new qwerty keyboard does take quite a while to get used to lalo pa ito na sobrang liit ng mga buttons. Good thing though that this has built in predictive text input, or else it would otherwise be a major pain trying to correct yourself everytime. All the other features are really good, I think sinasabi ko yun kasi hindi pa talaga ako nagkaroon ng ganito ka-high-tech na smartphone. Well, except for the Nokia 9300 that my ex gave me the last time, that
was it. But that did not have a camera nor wi-fi connectivity so that’s not that high-tech afterall except for the qwerty keyboard it had inside.
I do hope I could get the email setup pretty soon already, I’m itching to post something to my blog from my new nifty mobile device. Sooner or later I guess.
People, the upgrade has just begun.

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