the logical way to blog / motives

the logical way to blog is in a straight line.
normally when you follow someone’s blog, the turn of events occur most likely in a consecutive order, as they happen in a person’s life. that way, every other action that comes after makes perfect sense and the motives are intact.
but does you mind really ever operate in a straight line? in chronological order?
for the past copule of days i’ve been posting stuff from my past because i’ve recently realized that the only way that i could make sense of my motives, or other people’s motives for that matter is when all these things are out there. hurtful events that, although i’ve been saying this on this blog and to everyone else i know for the past couple of forevers, “ayoko nang pag-usapan pa.” shit, i feel pathetic breaking my own rules.

that’s how my mind works, at random.


i was reading the transcript of the vice presidential debate the other day and Joseph Bidden had quoted something from som person that stuck to me:

Don’t question a person’s motives. Question their judgment.

(or something that sounded like that…)


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