from my 9300 archives: first entry

This would have been the first time I’ve used the 9300. It feels so stupid right now just considering how excited I was. I never really got to use it that often, except when I was feeling extra itchy to see words typed on any screen. Dumb. I’m posting these items here randomly, well, because I can. No one will get to read these anyway.

November 15, 2007

Don’t you think this font is so so small for anyone to actually read? This looks a lot better now. This is it, I’ve finally decided to use this phone. Ang laki nga lang talagang hassle nung letter L na hindi masyadong responsive kung minsan. Hindi ko lang alam kung baka magalit sa akin si Mayumi bigla kasi sabi niya sa akin ibenta ko na lang daw imbes na gamitin. I think she just does not remember those times that I have always sent her feelers that I wanted to keep the phone if not for the ability of being able to write more on the go and posting it to a blog. On the other hand, hindi ko naman talaga phone ito. Ayun naman. Kakagising ko pa lang at ito na agad ang kaharap ko. Ang saya naman kasi talaga kunyari wala kang magawa tapos gusto mong magsulat. It’s n ice to know that you can pull out your phone anytime and put down your thoughts as if you are writing to your blog. Coolness-ness di ba? Pero honestly, napaka-steep ng learning curve nitong keyboard na ito especially for someone who types using the hunt-and-peck way. Ligo na muna. Baka ma-late pa ako dahil dito. Just finished showering. I guess another way of looking at it is at least I don’t really have to buy something for myself at east until after Christmas. Except for the shoes and about ten shirts but I think those items are more of the need than want. Nakaka-OC kung paminsan dahil gusto mo yung sinusuat mo bukod sa may sense ay tama din lahat ng punctuation at grammar at spelling kaya minsan napuputol na ang bigla ang iyong train of thought just to stop and correct the minor details. Kung bakit kawsi walang T9 dictionary ito or predivtive text output or spellcheck. Meron kayang pwedeng i-install na application na ganun? Pati kaya fonts, pwedeng i-install? Hmmm… I wonder…

Can you just imagine writing social commentaries or short stories using this device? And then posting it to your blog in a matter of minutes? That would be surely an awesome blog!

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