from my 9300 archives: fear of silence

This makes sense now, after everything that happened. This was one of them signs but I chose to just leave it as a byproduct of chemistry, some precipitate of hormonal cycles. By god was I dead wrong. It was a portent of worse things to come.

March 04, 2008
They tell you stories how a woman is scary when they get to use words on you. They can say anything and everything and us guys can’t stop them. But even more scary is when they fall silent. Silence, to me, is anyone’s, not only a woman’s greatest weapon in the war of wits. And man how they are good at using it.

Guys are pretty predictable. We are all black and white, logical and mathematical, left or right, yes or no. Women definitely aren’t. With far more hormones surging through their bodies and minds once every month, I can claim I am not alone in saying that in some of them, the stress of monthly dementia has taken its toll.


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