we taught kirk how to say "chorva!" hehe

another lazy day at work. it was the last day of our training and there's a 99% chance that we'll be back to the normal shit tomorrow. well, i'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll undergo phonelab by tomorrow. i hope. terry and i grabbed a drag a while ago while waiting for some of our other clique. conversation got into things about life and work in general, all the other vague stuff in between that you'd probably never worry about if your age stopped at 13. terry asked me if i was happy with what i was doing and if i was okay. naturally, i'd say i'm okay off the bat. these things you never really think of unless you really got time to think of it. what is up with the world?!? people getting what they don't deserve anywhere and everywhere in life. other people have it better, you think, just because… well, just because. in the interest of all fairness, nothing is ever really 100% fair in life anymore. (see? isn't it unfair that i cannot write a cohesive blog anymore? and it isn't it unfair that…) the point is (honestly, i have totally forgotten what my/the point was in the first place. and what's more unjust than that is, i don't even know if it would actually matter.) life is just so darn dang it fucking unfair. is there any cause fighting such injustice in life anymore? i don't know. i wish i could give anyone a straight answer, like i probably would have had back in the day (when i was still ideal when it comes to those shit, and still believed that in the amazing capacity of the subconscious collective or collective subscoscious or what-have-you). sorry, my friend, i'm such a wreck right now. i guess, and even that is not fair at all.


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