this morning

1/6/2008 12:43 AM
Coffee at Starbucks at Temple Drive. Fishy’s gone pooping. Hehe. Left here with my usual buddies, cigarettes and a half-done white chocoate mocha. Amazingly, getting my glasses crushed under my ass gave me a clearer grip on things. Cool amazing clarity. Though I am not able to read things more than 20 feet away, at least I can describe in full detail things that are a lot closer.

For the most part, I was kinda hoping to see a lot more people tonight. Not that I don’t want to see Fishy anymore, she’s been my closest friend at work right now, but I was thinking a lot more people would be out tonight, probably drinking in some dark corner of the metro. Well, to think that payday’s still more than a week away, I guess people just got an extreme lack of moolah, the sorry state that was the last payday. And come to think of it, I don’t think I’m really up for too much drinking tonight, given the lot that I ate at Sbarro a couple of hours before.

But still, I miss ’em guys. The whole group. We can’t even remember precisely the last time that everyone was out, not counting birthdays and the 2 Christmas parties. Haay, that was a long time ago, way before Eizar was grumpy. Is it really too much to ask for? I guess so, everyone’s got their own thing now pretty much.

I’m at that phase in my life again when I try to remember and refresh my memory of things that had happened before, salvaging them for the good times that they were, something to make me smile inappropriately at times when smiling inappropriatey would just be the most logical thing to do, other than crying shamelessly alone or letting dark empty spaces consume your vision for a good five minutes or so. Just plain weird.

I must really be getting older (no offense, Fishy. I know you’ll end up reading this soon enough.) but this is supposed to be good, right? Getting older and shit. At times when you reaize that you are geeting older, I just comes back to you suddenly, with cool amazing clarity, those times when you were young and the grown-ups would not play with you anymore, not just beacuse they’re already old and areay got tired of playing games anymore, but bigger than that, they were going through a day like this too, as what you’re going through now.

I’m getting my glasses back on Wednesday. This phase is interestingly enlightening, but it’s such a boon watching movies on the big screen without my glasses.


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