more post, more fun! / Hitman movie

forgive me, my handful of readers, i just want to test the ful capacity of me going mobo. hehe. some pages from my 9300.

11/25/2007 8:55 PM
I’m at the moviehouse right now, at the end part of the first movie that I’m going to be watching for over a month now. For lack of other interesting things to do alone other than:
a. shopping (which I have decided not to do since I had splurged on 4 shirts and 2 pieces of underwear the other day, at least not until I get my wallet situation back to normal) or
b. people-watching at Starbucks with an empty cup of tall white mocha and a fresh praline mocha frappuccino along with a pack of lights (that, I can do later), here I am watching a movie, Hitman.

This is supposedly fun, according to Cheng, operative word would be supposedly. Maybe I’m just watching this for the heck of it, more than half of the quadrant I’m in have already seen it, me not being a fan of violence other than the type I inflict onto others. They were just deciphering what the whole point of the movie was the other day and I just took it upon myself to be the one to explain it to them, hehe. Whatever the reason really was, I just did not want to watch Beowulf alone, that one I’m saving for the IMAX 3D experience, and the John Lloyd-Bea movie was too much for my pride, and no matter what the box-office gross figures say I’m saving that for one of these weekdays or DVD.

11/25/2007 11:29 PM
Sitting here at Starbucks Shangri-La. Waiting for Fishy. Just finished watching the movie. It was just a so-so shooter film with a not-so-exciting twist. I could not understand what the fuss was about. I should have gotten a discount on the tickets, in a way.

Just a thought, would it have been interesting if I was as indifferent of a character as Agent 47? That would have been weird and yet mysteriously arresting. I kinda admire the way he is able to get things done in clockwork precision, no questions asked. Very professional.
Just one stupid question: how was he able to get his new suit after jumping into the river to escape the Russian police? Did he just charge it via the barcode on the back of his head? That would have been weird.

I just realized I sort of missed moments like this: in some cafe, pretending to be indifferent to anything and anyone, writing away my own thoughts and observations about people who have no choice but to glance on. Hehe. Little do they know, I’d eventually be writing about their weird behaviors and what I think of them. Honestly, I have always sort of fantasized someone hitting on me some cafe, while I’m in the middle of something or at least pretending to . That would definitely be something.

Then again, leave me alone, freaks.


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