lack of sleep does get to you eventually. but in all eventuality, i am lead to believe that for the species to survive, we would need to develop into creatures who have no need for sleep; who never crave only light or dark, could live in both times of the day, all day; and in line with this, i have vowed to become one proponent into the evolution of such a creature, thus i will not sleep.

at least not for the next hour or so.

okay, that is not wholly willful. the truth is i can’t sleep.

(muli, isa na namang post na hindi ko naman talaga pinublish. from way back: 12/20/05 11:08 AM. in fairness to myself, i can’t sleep right now too, not that much. i just slept through almost a third of my training class today.

so much for sleep, such a necessary inconvenience.

i sleep when i die…)


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