form last friday, june 22: bootcamp day three

mier and i are bored, uber-bored to our wits' end. good thing today is the last day of bootcamp and we get to do realistic training sessions by next week.
this is quite a nice program actually, bluetie. seemingly meant for start-up businesses email that basically works like a secured server with public domain files and all. good thing, i mean great thing is, you all get to have your personalized enterprise name for your company.
well, actually, the best part about it is that i can send outgoing mail through the internal servers. neat. at least when it comes to avail time, i can do my blog without fail. hehehe.
it's almost 4pm and i still have yet to take my second break. took my lunch late to complte and print the exams that the bootcampers are going to take for today, the last of three, to find out if they can handle the formal licensure reviews to start monday next week. so far, so good, for the past to exams. good but not great. hopefully they do better on this third exam as opposed to the first two.
though personally, i have high hopes for this wave, since it's wave 8. i guess that's for the chinse saying that the number 8 is lucky since it has two circles. nontheless, that might just be my first-time trainer side wishing againt all odds that the whole wav will get through bootcamp and pass their series 7 exams with soaring results. well, on third consideration, the program might just be that desperate for new agents that they'd take anyone.  well, they still got to pass the licenses so that's basically mier's and my job.
they're taking their third and final exam now and i can feel that everyone is trying their best to get as much correct answers as possible. i pray for these guys that everyone gets in, at least if veryone does, they'd feel that they're all in it together and help each other out.
one thing i'd noticed though, this guy sam has a thing for our japanesse cuite, nikki, or should i say, nikkei. i got to admit, she's cute and all, not just because she somewhat resembles my current irog (that considering, more or less 25% of the people in japan might resemble her at one point or another but i digress) but i feel that sh's got spunk, a fresh and youthful attitude, and she's extremely bright, and by the looks of it, might be quite fun to be with (that last one is riding on an assumption, that generally, all the people i've known who's taken a liking to the color pink or any of, its derivatives are, so to say "quite fun to be with").
after gruelling momets of checking their papers, rediscussing answer disputes and such other harassing activities, the results are in. everyone passed with a few others almost only barely making it to the 70% cutoff. as i said, i have a very good feeling about this wave. and now the real work begins on tuesday morning.
oh the humanity of working dayshifts…!


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