what did i do today?

in the tradition of the true blog, i'll be sharing my thoughts on how i completed my day. well, almost completed my day, since it's technically not yet done.
my day starts when i wake up.
woke up at around 9pm. almost 9pm-is, or so i thought, i just knew it was kinda late for my normal waking hour. normal stuff, take a bath, brush teeth get ready for work. wore that blue collared shirt i wore the day before, and a pair of pringle jeans i have wron from the month before. hehe. but it's the office, no one really cares or would care to get near enought o actually smell what it actually smells like up close. looks clean to me, though. hehe.
as i was saying… after i got ready, i got a cab. after five minutes. after ten minutes. after twenty minutes, i got a fucking cab. on a monday night. consider me lucky.
it was an okay ride to work.
i got to eastwood. got off at ministop to get a drink. green tea, as always on every other day i don't fee like drinking red tea or just plain iced tea or coke light.
got a drag. or two. while waiting for the clock to hit 11:15pm.
met up with fishy at the tower. she was just already in the office and called to check if i was around. i was so she went down. got another drag. or two while walking to gloria jeans with fishy to get her coffee.
and then i got up the escalator. and then the elevator. got to the locker area to check my bag. checked phone. my message to my irog still not sent. fuck my phone. still in the outbox. i'll get back to that later.
went to the floor. then got out. got to meet some prospective clients for a round table discussion.
got to the 31st floor. it's already 11:40pm. ok. that guy said wait. and wait and wait some more till it's almost 12:00am and still got no work done.
chitchat. round table. chitchat. what do you do? what do we o? how does if feel like commuting at night, like duh? any plans for yourself within the next 24 months and so and so, like duh-uh? chitchat. passed on the free donut because i thought that those guys were just trying too hard.
got down. maying was there, cavorting like the floor support should be. checked mail. stupid advisor mails back, totally lost. boohoo. move to folder, pending. i don't want to check cases right now. i'm on training. wide grin.
check other stuff. training. something's wrong. got to fix this. fix fix fix. got maying's input too. fix fix fix. talked me into doing margin and options. darn it. if only i was not that good. hehehe. whatever, bleh. tweak it some more. done. sedn to team leaders, wait for rain.
team leader chitchat over, trainers' turn. bleah, bleah, bleah, insert positive scripting here, bleah, bleah, bleah, dayshift, bleah, no choice. ok. major adjustment required. 30% off pay. extreme dieting forseen.
trainer chitchat over. back to "work" prepping questions for the exams. tried reading. can't stop… i'm trying… i'm trying… zzzz.  maybe zzz-ed for about a minute. okay. i'm still in the office. shit. "work" again. hey, i haven't had my break yet. fishy, break? floor support. terry, break? on a call. no prospective dragmates in sight. fides the OM approaching. there goes my drag.
opertaions manager chitchat. bleah, bleah, we'll try to get you back into nightshift. try. the operative word. if yen says she'd try, she'd closed the deal. joke about selling tocino during training and mier selling glutathione capsules. hey you must be one of the new guys, so white… so fat…
OM chitchat over. "work" probably zzz-ed myself in and out within every 3-4 minutes or so. for the next 2 hours. fishy calls for a drag. go smokers, unite. mass drag, even, sexy and noel and others are on break.
a drag or two downstairs, pretend work again. "work" and zzz in intricate intervals, you'd probably read a concerto if plotted on five-ruled paper.
pretty much the same thing until the end of the day. most of it spent ruminating on how to teach. the other moment spent on preparing for the shock of a lifetime once you get a glimpse of the pay-period's salary. dayshift, what a boon.
head for home, hep, not yet. lunch. or brunch. or somewhere between the two meals. like, who's counting? has chicken barbeque and a bite of pork and then some grilled sausage and 2 cups rice. ever since thse guys decided to lose weight i have been eating all their leftovers for all humanity's sake. oh the humanity! in fairness, i need the protein. i somewhat look like i'd need it.
then home. i'm tired. still had to do 15 questions for the exams tomorrow morning. and then a couple more hundred ones for the exams to follow. i hope we get bright ones tomorro morning.
wishful thinking.
i miss my love. get well soon my allergen-exposed love. kisses. hug.



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