ang aking pagkahumaling sa kulay pula

ever since i was young, i was under the impression that certain colors were untouchable, intangible constants. blues and yellows were the sky and the sun and greens were forever leaves. from the very start, the little labels on my so big crayola crayons with remind me everyday of which one was which and i was pretty much okay.

but crayons do wear out and come the time that i had to peel parts of the skin which holds my concept of colors together, i had to make sure that i was not tearing part of the name of the crayon.

and then i experienced the color that would change my self-concept of color forever: violet/purple. i don’t know purple. and until now, i’m still hoping that someone would introduce me at the very least to the frickin’ color good enough so that i wouldn’t need help recognizing it the second time it hits my face.

seriously, i am color-blind. but as i usually say, i’m not stupid, i’m just color-blind. given my situation, i have come to love the few colors that i know: most primary colors, red and blue; and then of course black and white.

but red is a totally different thing. i have an affair with red. i had my hair dyed red once and i think that was the best week of my life, in terms of my usually and normally bleh way of life, yes.

they say that red is a color of passion and of love. i’m not that passionate, not at least in a way i think of myself. well, following rationalizing my own horoscope with my day to day life, i think i tend to pour my heart out in some things that i do and that makes me in part a passionate person. but relaionship wise, i think that remains to be proven. unless of course my girlfriend has anything to say about it…

i don’t really know much, but i am drawn to red. come to think of it, i happen to make it a point to always wear anything red or have anything red on me, whether inside or out. heheh. i don’t know, it must be something built into me, much like i am supposedly predisposed to smoking like the 35% of smokers in the world.

i’ve taken the liberty to see what other unreliable web sources have to say about the color, maybe for lack of anything else to say about it.

“Red is excitement, drama, urgent passion, strength, assertiveness and an appetite stimulant. It’s the color of the Valentine’s Day heart or the rose of love, the red apple and the fire engine. It’s the red of a Coca-ColaTM can that promises excitement and good times. It’s also the color of the Devil! Lots of casinos pair red with yellow (so what does that say about McDonalds and Burger King – they’re gambles?) and have discovered people are happier to risk their money under red light. In most commercial applications, it seems folks respond best to red when it is used as an accent or highlight. Strong preferences for red are linked demographically to those who feel most secure – both economically and personally. Men favor yellow-reds; women prefer blue-reds. “

***i don’t identify wit the security aspect at all – both economically and personally; but true enough, i don’t like blue-reds.

“Western and Chinese Traditions

Western: Traditionally, red is the color on the shields of heroes and famous achievers, such as Hannibal. In European blazonry it means generosity. Red ochre has always suggested life and warmth, vitality, and strength. In the Eurowest red is a symbol for alertness, aggression, and sexuality.

This Old House Magazine (2003) identifies red as intense, high energy, and representing passion with a touch of danger and aggression.

Red was the Celtic color of death and the otherworld. In Western Color Therapy it is courage, self-confidence, vitality.

Chinese: Marriage and the birth of sons (“happiness red” is a fairly specific hue). The Chinese emperor wrote his edicts in vermilion. In Chinese science and philosophy red denotes spice, vitality, and energy at its maximal state about to begin decline.”

***”energy at it’s maximal state about to begin decline” strikes a chord in my life, that’s something i experience in very distinct months of the year, always around the beginning of summer. i’ve proven it for three years in a row now, first right before my “graduation” (reason why i didn’t), and two years in a row while working at a call center. i got cited for that. heheh.

Like: Just as red sits on top of the rainbow, you like to stay on top of things. You have a zest for life. Remember that red can speed up the pulse, increase the respiration rate and raise blood pressure. It is associated with fire, heat, and blood, so it is impossible to ignore. And so are you (or would like to be).

The key words associated with red are winner, achiever, intense, impulsive, active, competitive, daring, aggressive and passionate. Red people are exciting, animated, optimistic, emotional and extroverted. Desire is the key word, they hunger for fullness of experience and living.

Now that you have all the good news, let’s hear it for the bad news. Since you crave so much excitement in your life, routine can drive you bananas. Restlessness can make you fickle in your pursuit of new things to turn you on. It is hard for you to be objective and you can be opinionated. You have a tendency to listen to what others tell you and then do whatever you please. Patience is not one of your virtues.

However, you are an exciting person to be with, and always stimulating. The world would be a dull place without red people.

Dislike: Since red is primarily associated with a zest for life, excitement and passion, a dislike of this hue could mean that these feelings are a bit much for you to handle at this point in your life. Perhaps you are bothered by the aggressiveness and intensity that red signifies. Or perhaps you would really like more fulfillment but are afraid to get involved. People who are irritable, ill exhausted, or bothered by many problems often reject red and turn to the calmer colors for rest and relaxation. They are very self-protective. “

***’nuff said.


One thought on “ang aking pagkahumaling sa kulay pula

  1. you are passionate. very much with certain things. relationship-wise, to a lesser extent. but there are residual red climaxes here and there. i guess there’ll come a time when you’ll find your passionate loveyes, yes, yes. you Red, sound like that difficult cherry i know and love.

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