i don’t know where i’m at anymore. i seem to be lost but i’m still right here.
must be that time of the year. last year, around this time, i think i had felt this way before already. at the back of my mind, i think that something is going wrong but unnervingly, i don’t feel that bad. and i think that makes me feel a lot worse.
i feel like there’s something i’m doing wrong but i can’t quite put my thought on to what it is exactly. i don’t know if am doing something wrong, at least no one has had the guts to tell me yet that i am doing something wrong. or maybe there’s something that i’m not doing. that too, i’m not quite sure since, i know there are a lot of things that i should be doing, like saving up, finishing school, rooting for that promotion and whatnot but that don’t quite fit. those things, i don’t think would relieve me of what i’m feeling right now or what i think i’m feeling.
i feel like i’m out on a limb. like walking on one leg. and not that it seems like this would be the first time that i have severed a limb but like i have been out of one extremity for a very long time, that i just feel the air all around my remaining leg, and not the actual feeling of my body remebering there was even one previously connected to it in the first place.
i don’t even know how to explain it without sounding like i’m barfing words out of my fingers out of nowhere. i don’t even know what i’m saying.

periods are the most lucky of all punctuation marks. they don’t have to start anything, they just end it.
i don’t know where i’m at anymore. i seem to be lost but i’m still right here.


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