warning: unwarranted sharing moment coming up next. for those who have nothing else to do, that is why you are browsing through your emails instead of getting off your butt and working your ass off, i do hope you find the next segment delightful as much as you find your own lives, for whatever they’re worth. for those who would like to know what’s up and going with my life, expressing geniune concren and interest and… yada, yada, yada… here it goes.

holidays was a “loser” season for me this year. slept off christmas and the new year. didn’t go to church for a record year after i got hired (wait, weddings and deaths don’t count, and now i can smell my little pinkie burning in hell already, nope, that was just christmas chicken i’m reheating for the nth time), and i got to spend time with no one i would have loved to spend time with during the holidays (family don’t count, they’re default).

excitingly, in a weird kind of way, christmas and new year’s eve started with me getting off work and cleaning house. unbelievable how clean the house could be right before christmas, and how one week later you’d be wiping pressurized chicken soup oil off the kitchen floor. well, what can i do, i’ll sleep when i’m dead, or as the story goes, right smack on chirstmas and new year.

or course, always part of my itenerary was the last minute holiday shopping, that, for all the fun that it is, i am going to institute as a padalhin family tradition from this year onward. let’s see… by my record, malls (by that meaning SM megamall) closes at 7pm every holiday’s eve, so we always manage to stick out 45 minutes of the rushed shopping and grocerying (is there such a word? too lazy to look it up…) as possible.

here’s a list of what i got for christmas and the new year: as if they’s make any difference, the two holidays, but nonetheless, at least i got something. here they are in the order received:

-socks from cate, my office mate. you don’t know her, she wouldn’t get to read this, but anyway, thanks cate.

-socks from fishy, another gift from the office. thanks. no, really.

-ham and queso de bola from the employer of the year underwhich i am currently employed as an offshore slave.

-t-shirt from the office, courtesy of eizar and biyaya. comes in brown with yellow piping, with the words “i just got liad” and the picture of a hatched balot.

-a tiny mug from weng with my name on it, shining, shimmering, splendid.

-a pooh and friends mug from nyl, that came in a pink box.

-a book and a t-shirt from rudy, catch-22 and a california shirt. cool. i just wish i get to read it before summer.

-a spongebob hanky from elaine. and spongebob was naked on that one, i don’t know why…

-a clock from outer space from maica. my TL had one like that and now i wouldn’t have the urge to take it. hooray for breaks and lunches on time!

-a flask of bourbon and two packs of cigarettes from elaine. of course, she had to put the words “enjoy!” on ’em. now my pinkie AND big toe seems to be burning in hell.

-sexy underwear from my girlfriend, fresh from davao. (no comment. )

-a picture album from marvi, from the office.

-body scrub from lanie. also from the office. people from the office do give out default gifts. it’s the thought that counts so i think i’d just give them a piece of my mind this year. hehehe.

-a t-shirt from my brother. cool. starbuko.

that’s about it. i think. i know i missed out at least one. i’ll remember it eventually when i clean the shit off my bedroom floor. i’ll thnak you guys next email.

anyway, i’d like to thank all those who sent me messages over the holidays. i tried to reply, but i was asleep.

that was my holiday. counts just as one since the difference is very negligible. how were yours?

as if i’d get to read about it eventually, but no. i don’t think so. if you guys want to send me an urgent email by the way, my office address will be at for security purposes, our people screen all emails so don’t send porn or any email attesting to the fact that i would be attempting to launder money or steal our clients’ billion dollar accounts. they have email stalking down to an art.

that’s it. my eyes are tired and i have a whole night to sleep before i become a creature of the night again. i’d probably send another email in two months in reply to anything i could read posted against this group. if anyone would be looking for me, i’m just a text away. if you need money, i’m in hawaii.

happy new year to everyone.


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