making sense

it has been quite some time since i’ve heard anything from you. i was trying to figure out what had went wrong. maybe you were just too busy. maybe you just got caught up with work, although from the looks of everything and given how long i’ve known you, that would be a very unlikely scenario. you hardly get caught up in anything or hardly get caught up at all. that’s your style. and god knows just how important that is to a person like you.
i was trying to picture you in a rut. well, you are in a rut, no need to picture that. in essence, imagining that you’re stuck in a very uncompromising and uneasy position in life makes no sense at all, because you’re very good at hiding things; very seceretive you are. that is why, i indeed find it hard that anyone ever puts up with your attitude, especially her.
at any rate, that’s okay. i’m happy you’re back one in a while. i don’t know if anyone else would still enjoy or even had enjoyed your stories and your weird quips but i sure have. i am, afterall, known to make the most of what i’ve got, and why shouldn’t i, right?
you don’t owe me any apologies, or anything for that matter. what’s the point in trying to make sense out of it, afterall? no one would ever nearly understand.


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