looking for inspiration

inspiration: do you actually need that to create something worth inspiring?
the thing about inspiration is that it lacks originality. if a person would create drawing from his or her own inspiration, that would only be an interpretation of his or her inspiration and is drawn directly out of something as well. inspiration draws only interpretations, not imagination.
i think true imagination draws from nothingness. nothingness, and then creating something out of it.
that is what separates us from other animals. while animals would need to draw out everything it can from external stimuli, humans can draw out a picture of survival out of nothing.
that is what separates the artists form those who are not. while un-artists need inspiration to strike an artful urge, artists create their own sparks out of thin air.
and finally, that is also what draws us nearer to our god-selves: the ability to create out of nothing at all.


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