back here: with the playlist of my life

friendster apparently is always down everytime i try to attempt to login. shit. anyway, just wanted to post this. since none of y’all are checking this anymore anyway, just a for-the-sake-of post.

the results of my exam are not yet in. and we are about to take another by this weekend. exam na lang ng exam. nakakasuka na kung minsan pero mukhang medyo madali ng kaunti itong susunod na exam. hindi ko alam, kinakabahan pa rin ako. hindi ko alam.

minsan iniisip ko kung ano ba talaga ang ginagawa ko dito sa trabahong ito. my girlfriend once told me (actually, more than once) that i would fit a job in advertising most probably or with a network. well, i should be, considering that i took up media for four years (and still counting…). i really don’t know. lately, pakiramdam ko sobrang sabog ako na hindi ko maintindihan. (pero kung kilala mo siguro ako, alam mong talagang sabog ako kung madalas pa nga minsan.)

[jet blaring in my ears: rollover dj. one time i was at 7-11 picking up fixin’s and i overheard someone comment that i do look klike a deejay with those headphones up my neck. cool job, i think. i don’t know.]

[random thoughts: too fast for my fingers]

[cue jet: look what you’ve done]

sometimes i think it would be better for me to get away fro a while. while i’m okay now, i don’t really know how long this “okayness” would last. i have got to take a look from the outside. get out of this bubble, into another one and just take a look at my life from the other side of the flimsy surface.

[evanesence: bring me to life.]

quarterlife crisis?

[this one time, at the medical city, rudy shared his newfound career objective: a tollgate collector. i’ve got to hand it to him, that’s one job which is certainly a no brainer, and you can earn up to 500 per day, according to the last tollgate collector my girlfriend and i had queried once ona n out of town trip. beats my all-alltime career objective: tagaytay resthouse caretaker plus laptop PC and digital camera. come to think of it, i would also require cabe internet or wi-fi.]

i’m tired.

i don’t know how to write a cohesive blog anymore.

One thought on “back here: with the playlist of my life

  1. hmmm. well, you should listen to your gf. 🙂 on a serious note, there will be different playlists in your bullet-riddled life that will rise to the much needed occasion. just an ordinary day for you, where daydreaming takes you to what you really fancy. [suportahan taka whatever you want]

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