lactose intolerant

“alam mo, ni hindi na nga ako tumitingin sa iba e. para bang hindi ko na rin naa-appreciate yung iba kasi dahil sa kanya. alam mo yon, p’re? iba talaga. ibang klase talaga, n’labo…” – RR

when a man falls in love, he gets do things that he never thought he would be capable of doing. that is, including a host and half of cheesy stuff like love notes, sweet little kisses, baby talk, chivalrous gestures, and other things. things that he would never even imagine of doing, lest be it for a woman; but things that a woman does really dream of, and fantasize of more often. when they fall out of love, lactose intolerance sets in. depending on the circumstances of the fallout, both parties realize what a sham the whole thing was all this time, regurgitate all that cheese and finally either: throw up incessantly for all its worth, or just consider all that shit they would have to put up with afterwards.


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