Meant To Be Dinner: Cheese Board

>>grabe brownout kanina pa dito.
**pwede na ba kita tawagan?
>>not yet. i’m with my dad. medyo awkward. text lang. sana walng pumutok na balita dito.
**papasok na ako sa office. miss you badly. i love you.
>>i miss you too. have a good one. /smiley face./
>>since brownout pa rin, i’m sleeping on the grass next to our seven puppies. this is the life. daming stars. wish you were here.**wala pa ako call. mega avail. wala kami magawa dito. hintay lang ng call. hindi pa rin ako makapaniwala na tayo na. honestly, i’m still overwhelmed.
>>ayaw mo?
>>joke lang yun. nangaasar. taray ko no?! ang feeling ko minsan, ang tagal na natin. kinikilabutan ako. rash decisions based on felings are a big risk! whatever. i just wanna live a great life. /smiley face./ mwah.
**exactly. i feel that what we have is very special and at the same time very fragile. i fear tha i may make a mistake. but neither do i feel that it just happened too fast, because it feels so right when i am with you. but then, it may just be my perception of it…
>>kaya tayo natitigilan minsan. fear of losing, of being imperfect. hug me
**but isn’t that a legit fear? i have wanted you ever since i met you i can’t get you out of my mind moreover now.
>>want is lust. not love. let’s be careful. nag-research ako on relationships, send it to you mamaya.
**sorry. i loved someone then. i never knew i loved you till now. baby, i’m very cold. i need you.
>>just finished cooking, now pa lang kami kakain. tagal ng brownout. you’re cold, i’m hot. /coy face./ i’m gonna make a bonfire mamaya. susunugin ko ang mga dating diary ko. putcha, nakabulatlat pagdating ko. walang mga puso…
**ngayon pa lang kayo kakain? just finished lunch. tinatamad na ako sobra.
>>’tang ina. dahil yan sa akin. we should be allergic to one another. /sad face./
matatapos na ba? ganun lang? i told you we were bad for each other. i’ll give it one year at pareho na tayong may topak. but i would not want that one year to go by in any other way than going crazy with/for you.
>>ok, just washed the dishes. focused na ako… duh. no end yet. duh, it just began. we are confusing each other. you’re so serious, while i’m just thankful for us texting tonight. i love (including passion, intimacy, commitment) you, a. tsup. /smiley face./
**/sweet. i’m at a loss for words./
>>to decide: just make sure you don’t confuse love for me with lust, luck, lies, loyalty, charity, nor with being a martyr. i’m asking myself: are we going crazy because we are so selfish?
**/because love is a really selfish feeling. we don’t love people for their sake but only for our own. we love what gives us joy, we love what gives us life. selfless love is such a misnomer. selfless love couldn’t be love at all./
>>whoa, first time kong matutulog uli next to my bro since high school. kulit. SEGUE TO i want to kiss you so
**/minsan mahirap masabi kung nakapagpapabago nga ba ng tao ang pag-ibig. binabago ka ba nito, o nilalabas lamang nito ang tunay mong pagkatao? ang labo. when you fall for someone, you fall for who they are when you’re not in love with them./
>>yuck. kadiri! corny ko. can’t believe i sent those messages to you. pwede bawiin? /smiley face./
**/the third law of cybernetics (or was it something related to physics? how should i know, i virtually dropped out of college.) applies to love as well: the act of loving someone, changes that which is loved.


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